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Simple, Intuitive Dashboard

Merit Planning

Compease Helps Attract, Retain, and Engage Top Talent

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The Compease dashboard will provide the ability to easily see where you might have "equal pay for equal work" blind spots based on how employees are paid relative to their salary ranges.

When you combine compa-ratio’s with the merit increase plan, you’re able to prepare a comprehensive salary budget report.

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Key Features

"Having a tool like Compease will be easy to work with, regardless of whether our strategy might change over time. It's a great value for a company like ours to use a tool like Compease."

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with Easy-to-use Salary Administration Software

Gain access to the best data, ensuring the most accurate, market-driven salary ranges.

Attract Top Talent

Increasing retention by just three employees per year leads the average company to save $75,000 per year.

Reduce Staff Turnover

Allow HR to stop spending time manually calculating and updating data. Free HR to focus on other strategic initiatives.

Simplify HR Processes

Increase Employee Engagement

Increase employee engagement through improved transparency into an equitable salary development process.

Merit Matrix

Job Value

The Merit Matrix lets you develop merit increase plans around your own compensation policies and budget. It can also help assign an equitable and consistent merit increase percentage.

Establish job value within your business and support its salaries by determining the level of knowledge and skill, problem solving and accountability associated with a job.

Our solutions are designed by human resource professionals with decades of experience to be secure, effective, and easy to use. HR Performance Solutions is committed to continually improving and enhancing Compease with annual updates in order to help our clients expand the effectiveness and success of their workforce.

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Manage the Entire Salary Administration Process

Expert compensation consulting

Current salary market data

Annual updates

Compease facilitates the analysis, design and execution of your salary administration strategy.