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Engage, attract and retain employees with easy, customizable, meaningful processes!  Our integrated performance management, learning management and compensation administration tools support your organization with automated processes that are also paired with guidance from an HR consultant for industry best practices through implementation.

Attract, Retain, and Engage Top Talent with Easy-to-use Performance, Learning, and Compensation Software

Over 1,000+ Organizations Already Benefit from Performance Pro

Increase Employee Engagement

Manage Employee Performance

Save Time with Pre-built Content

Appraisals are quick, consistent and complete, so that results are timely and relevant.

Utilize over 350 built-in and customizable position profiles and performance factors.

Link employee goals with specific strategic initiatives, increasing buy-in and engagement.

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Purpose-Driven and Fully Customizable

Goal Management and Alignment

And more...

Customize weightings, ratings, and competency definitions. Use workflows for check-ins and evaluations, and utilize single sign-on and integrations with HCM or payroll software.

Enable managers to continuously track and align workplace performance goals directly with corporate strategies. 

Fully Configured to Work the Way You Work

Features to Automate Your Existing Employee Performance Evaluation Process.

Integrated Learning Management System

Integrated Salary Administration System

360° Reviews and Feedback Tools

Enhance employee development through automated competency-based course assignments and ongoing progress assessments.

Use monetary rewards to motivate and engage employees toward goal achievement with automated merit increase modeling, budget allocation, and competitive salary data.

Provide timely, meaningful feedback and recognition with real-time feedback tools, multi-rater and 360 review functionality, check-in reminders, and notifications.

Compensation Module

Analytics and Reports

Customizable Forms


"Great management system and user friendly! This platform helped me perform my duties with effectiveness and with precise information. It helps ease the workload in the HR role, is very user friendly, no hassle in understanding how the platform works. It's also very efficient when generating reports."

HR Assistant

Yendi C.


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"We are able to track our employees from check-in, tasks worked on, goal achievement, areas that need improvement and overall performance. In addition, this software has a beautiful user interface and it is easy to use as it also integrates very well with our other platforms including our accounting platform."

Faith P.



"Employees love rewards and performance bonuses. Managers need a tool to justify these. Performance Pro will help you come up with the workflow to set goals, monitor, and quickly access progress and results via its powerful reporting tool. Thanks to Performance Pro most of our performance appraisals and reviews have been streamlined."

Alvaro M.

Account Manager


Features to Attract and Retain Top Talent. 

Simple, Intuitive Dashboard

The Compease dashboard will provide the ability to easily see where you might have "equal pay for equal work" blind spots based on how employees are paid relative to their salary ranges.

Merit Planning

When you combine compa-ratio’s with the merit increase plan, you’re able to prepare a comprehensive salary budget report.

Merit Matrix

The Merit Matrix lets you develop merit increase plans around your own compensation policies and budget. It can also help assign an equitable and consistent merit increase percentage.

Job Value

Establish job value within your business and support its salaries by determining the level of knowledge and skill, problem solving and accountability associated with a job.

Attract Top Talent

Reduce Staff Turnover

Increase Employee Engagement

Simply HR Processes

Gain access to the best data, ensuring the most accurate, market-driven salary ranges.

Increasing retention by just three employees per year leads the average company to save $75,000 per year.

Increase employee engagement through improved transparency into an equitable salary development process.

Allow HR to stop spending time manually calculating and updating data. Free HR to focus on other strategic initiatives.

Features to Support the Learning and Performance Management Culture at your Organization.

Course Assignment Automation

More Meaningful Learning Content

Engaging Professional Development Plans

Implement Learning Management 
Best Practices

Automatically assign courses to employees based on their evaluation scores on specific competencies.

Award-winning libraries with a variety of learning formats including micro-learning, interactive, quizzes, and video.

Incorporate relevant learning paths that link directly to employee development and career planning in Performance Pro.

Support managers by giving them educational resources to recommend to employees in conjunction with their regular performance-based feedback.

Available as an All-in-One solution or ala-carte.